Electronic musical mastermind Moby has spent the majority of the past 10 or so years in hotel rooms either doing press junkets for his past albums, book releases, restaurant openings, winning Grammy Awards or collaborating with other big names in the music industry or on one of his lengthy tours. With such extensive periods spent in hotels, it is not surprising that Moby would choose such a subject for his newest two-disk release Hotel, a sweet and smooth look at the sloppier side of human existence.

The 15-track album starts off appropriately with “Hotel Intro,” an instrumental track with a backbeat reminiscent of elevator chimes in a hip hotel. Hotel quickly picks up the pace with two surefire hits: “Raining Again,” an electronic triadic march, and “Beautiful,” which is the first single off the album and sounds like a trendy car commercial (think Volkswagen, not Dodge Stratus).

Throughout the album Moby shares the spotlight with breathy songstress Laura Dawn who offers a delicate compliment to Moby’s deeper, monotone vocals. However Dawn shines most while stepping out on her own in tracks like “Temptation.”

Much like many of the other electronic musicians on the chart today, Moby sticks fairly closely to a tried and true formula that includes synth beats, repeated lyrics and, unfortunately, a profundity of lyrical clich