Editor, Daily Nexus,

This is in response to the letter dated Feb. 11, (“Sexual Assaults Always Yield Injuries For Women,” Daily Nexus). I am responsible for the press release and subsequent information that was released regarding the sexual assault that had happened the previous week. When I read the letter that expressed the frustration involving my choice of words, I was also frustrated. However, my frustration was in the fact that Ms. Khuc was absolutely correct in her statements about the injuries that all survivors of sexual assault have to deal with and about my failure to acknowledge the injuries caused by sexual assault beyond the physical.

When I wrote the press release, I was not thinking beyond the simple physical injuries. That was an inexcusable mistake on my part. I have had several opportunities to work with the Women’s Center, as well as other groups on campus who daily struggle daily with the serious impact sexual assault has on the UCSB community. The work they do every day in trying to educate the community about the effects of sexual assault is a constant uphill battle. Their job is not made any easier by these types of mistakes.

So to the UCSB community, I apologize for the lack of thought that went into the statement. I will do my best to make sure I am more sensitive in the statements I make. This is also troubling to me, as it does not properly represent the hardworking efforts of the men and women of the UCSB Police Dept., who go out day after day and do their best to take care of our community. To them, I also apologize.