I had a brief fantasy this morning over breakfast. I opened up to the opinion page in the Daily Nexus and what I found was an article championing a Dean ’08 campaign (“A New Dawn for Democrats,” Daily Nexus, Feb. 10). Oh, it would be so sweet if the Democrats nominated Howard Dean for 2008, let me tell you. It was a delightful proposition to me, a conservative Republican, because it would finally be an easy-win election year for us. But no, I’m more knowledgeable than that. Dean will never make it anywhere near the nomination because there’s someone stronger who’s planning a run for ’08.

From all signs and accounts, Hillary Clinton has her eyes on the White House, seeking to complete the Clinton plan of eight years of Bill and eight years of Hillary. Before leaving office, the couple swore they’d be back, and they’re working hard to see that through.

Dean is no match against Hillary. The Clintons have held the reins to the Democratic Party pretty much unchallenged since they left the White House. The dynamic duo has control over the party’s funds too, having headed the fundraising for over 100 successful campaigns for governorships and Congress. And Hillary can win the presidency too. She would bring election numbers back up to Gore’s, drawing heavily from the black, Latino and women voting blocs. This alone would probably be enough to win, but she’s also capable of drawing a larger voter turnout than either Gore or Kerry. Such a scenario frightens the willies out of me, to tell you the truth. With all the bad traits of Bill, minus the charm, plus the ruthlessness, you’ve got a real horrifying proposition for the country.

But fear not, because there is someone on the right who can beat Hillary. Enter Condoleezza Rice. Yep, we’re looking at the race of the century in the first decade. Rice would effectively take the black and women voters away from Hillary, along with a decisive win. Looking at the two women’s resumes, we see a stark contrast. We have Hillary, who rode in on Bill’s coattails and has a recent history rife with scandals, lies and shifting political positions. Most recently, she’s suddenly shifted center since her election to senator of New York, hoping to steal some voters for the right to inflate her minority democrat constituency. On the other hand, we have Condi, a Ph.D. who made it on her own while facing discrimination for being a black female conservative among heavily liberal academe.

And just think of the healing transformation our nation would undergo. The death knell for gender and racial prejudice would sound throughout the land. Finally, the wounds that have lingered from the days of slavery would finally be healed, the scars gone. Women would no longer have to peer through the glass ceiling, regardless of their race. We’d become one nation again.

I really wish Dean would get the nomination, Roughani, I really do. God knows I’d love to hear some more Dean screams. So pay off that Kleenex bill and stock up dude, because we’re in for the ride of the century. And if last election is any clue, you’re up for some more tears.

John Carpenter is a freshman business economics major.