Isla Vista property owner Bob Lovegrinn was rushed to the hospital by paramedics Sunday afternoon after he fell from the balcony of one of his properties at 6503 Del Playa Dr.

Capt. Wes Herman of the Santa Barbara County Fire Dept. said Lovegrinn fell approximately 15 feet from a second-story balcony, breaking a rib and his left hand in several places. Tenants of the property said Lovegrinn was repairing the deck of the balcony when he fell. Herman said Monday that he did not know if Lovegrinn had yet been released from the hospital.

Adam Evans, one of the residents of the building and a senior business economics major at UCSB, said the fire department, paramedics and police officers responded to the scene at 11:30 a.m., approximately 10 minutes after the incident occurred.

Courtney Careccia, a tenant of Lovegrinn’s and junior psychology major, said the landlord had fallen off of his ladder and into the ice plants below.

Evans, who said he was asleep when the incident occurred, awoke to a loud crash.

“The crash woke me up,” Evans said. “I thought it was just the skateboarders next door.”

After the incident occurred, about a dozen tenants and bystanders surrounded the scene, offering to help the victim, Evans said.

“[The paramedics] carried him away on a stretcher and that is the last I have heard,” Evans said.

Tenants said Lovegrinn, who also does a local public-access television show called “The Bob Show,” personally does all repairs and maintenance for his properties.

“He’s usually around here working on stuff,” Evans said. “It’s a shame; he’s a really nice guy.”