Editor, Daily Nexus,

Gee, I’m sorry that you’re having trouble signing up for classes, that must suck (“The Reader’s Voice: Why Should Freshmen Get Punked for Senior Laziness?” Daily Nexus, Feb. 3). Oh wait, I was a freshman last year, and when it happened to me it sucked too. You’re not the first freshman to feel like you’re getting screwed. But, believe it or not, the system is not as simple as you might think. So, you couldn’t get into Political Science 1, and this nearly brought you, as you so eloquently put it, “to a mental breakdown.” Slightly dramatic, but OK. But being the tremendously diligent student you seem to be, I’m sure you have plans to see your academic adviser, who will kindly put you on the four-year plan to success. Soon you’ll be making the common rounds through anthropology, some language and all the other classes my roommate is currently taking. So good for you, you’re cruising right along, taking all the important general education classes. But oh no! Suddenly, through the daze of partying and lying out at the beach, you’re a junior or senior and you realize, “Shit! I never took Political Science 1, those stupid upperclassmen.” But now things are different, right, ’cause you’re the upperclassman who really needs the class. Hmm, maybe you should have gotten your shit together earlier… Don’t worry, now it’s your turn to take your (rightful) place over some snotty freshman who is straight out of high school and thinks they are better than you because they’re taking all the “1” classes their first year. What can I say, it’s a vicious circle, but it’s GOLDen. Good luck with getting those classes you need next quarter, seriously.