Editor, Daily Nexus,

The Wednesday Hump this week (“Letting Go of the Liquor,” Daily Nexus, Feb. 2) was awesome! Be aware, I am writing this in a complete hung-over daze. Tuesday night was a fun one… from what I can remember. After my fourth Long Island Iced Tea, I fell into an alcohol-induced coma, though I continued to dance and twirl my life away. Weighing in at a buck-twenty each, four Long Islands is a bit much for a girl like me. Needless to say, I fell into the typical “that drunk girl” role. After finally meeting up with my Mr. Right Now (also known as my current crush), I proceeded to reach the point of no return. As my roommate attempted to drag my drunk ass home, I proceeded to make a complete ass of myself. I puked in the back seat of my roommate’s car as I was sitting next to Mr. Right Now. Once I stumbled through my front door I puked in my bedroom trash can, then the carpet next to my bed… and did I mention down the side of my bed? Gross! This was all done in front of Mr. Right Now — what an impression for a first sleepover! I woke up around 6 a.m., still in my downtown outfit — now decorated with my Long Island Ice Tea vomit. I slinked out of bed, put on my PJs, and brushed, flossed and Listerined. As I snuck back into bed, Mr. Right Now and I began a one-hour, saliva-swapping make-out session. Sweet! I’m glad he’s still down. What a trooper! Good thing I handled the post-vomit breath. But, as I sit here now hung-over as hell, I can’t help but have twinges of regret for my horrible sloppy drunkenness. I don’t think I could have made a worse impression. So, Dave, here’s to hooking up sober. Your article was tight! Thanks for giving me a reason to smile, even though I feel like shit.