Editor, Daily Nexus,

It’s funny to read how UCSB is so boring, ugly and aesthetically displeasing (“UC’s ‘Most Beautiful Campus’ Could Use Some Sprucing Up,” Daily Nexus, Jan. 28). Try comparing it to the University of Mirail-Toulouse II in France. You want to call something depressing and ugly, I feel that this university deserves merit for just that. Starting off, this university was built in the ghetto of Toulouse in order to upgrade the area and provide some hope and ambiance in the midst of tall, socialist-style buildings. Color? Well, Mirail is a wonderful combination of black and white, a soft gray. Teachers still use chalkboards where chalk is rare. Furthermore, long group desks and uncomfortable chairs are in rooms that probably have not been cleaned in 20 years.

I appreciate UCSB so much more being abroad. It is sad to hear someone complaining about how depressing it is to be there. You are at a university that actually has a system that works – a system in which you can do almost everything online and not stand in long lines to manually sign up at every department – and you are at a school that actually has nature surrounding it, buildings that aren’t falling apart and heaters that work when it is cold.