Editor, Daily Nexus,

On Wednesdays, I usually flip to the Wednesday Hump as soon as I grab a paper. Sometimes I am satisfied and amused with what I read. Most times, though, I am disappointed. Instead of describing sexy fetishes or cool new sex tricks, the obviously inexperienced and blundering sex columnist fills up space by defining useless sexual terms. Last week, it was “G-spot”; this week, “vagina” and “penis.” I’m not saying this is insignificant information, but come on now, we’re college students. We want to read about the kinky stuff.

I could go on criticizing this waste of space, but I’m writing about a particular comment. In the opening, Mr. Franzese compares the “crummy” word vagina to an “industrial Eastern-bloc country,” saying “Bulgaria, Romania, Vagina and Poland have faced hard times following the decay of communism.” Well, this comment bothers me for many reasons. I’m not going to blow this out of proportion and say I am outraged, because that would be an exaggeration, but as one of the few Romanians on this campus, I’m so tired of hearing stuff like this. Aside from the fact that most people don’t even know where Romania is, much less any characteristics of the country, some idiot who’s “heard” something about Romania, such as its “decay” after the fall of communism, mentions it in a newspaper; therefore, most people who previously knew nothing about Romania now know this. These kinds of stereotypical generalizations really piss me off because, as a person who has lived in Romania, I know it is far from a decaying country. And just as Italy and France have so many great features, Romania has some too, even though they are less well known.

Thus, although it may be a meaningless comment to many who read it, the mentioned lines prompted me to take the time to write this response in an effort, on behalf of all Romanians, to say something to correct a common misconception.