Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Dept. deputies arrested a 32-year-old Goleta resident Thursday afternoon in connection with a robbery at the Bank of America at 5892 Calle Real, which took place Jan. 18.

Deputies observed Juan Martin Levya riding a bicycle into the parking lot of the Wendy’s restaurant on the 5600 block of Hollister Avenue around 3 p.m. on Wednesday. When Levya entered a parked vehicle, deputies approached him and arrested him without incident. Anthony Reyes Vera Jr., a 36-year-old Santa Paula resident, was also arrested at the scene for possessing a loaded semi-automatic handgun as well as for narcotics-related charges.

Investigators have also issued a search warrant to an unidentified location on the 5600 block of Armitos Avenue in Goleta. According to police, the warrant relates to the investigation of the Bank of America robbery.

Levya’s appearance resembled images of the alleged robber that were captured by bank’s security cameras during the incident, during which no one was hurt.