Editor, Daily Nexus,

Once upon a time, Victor Sciortino forced a little girl to give him oral pleasure. He was convicted and incarcerated, then re-entered society not too long ago. He received many accolades upon returning to school after prison, and his fine academic record earned him a spot in our esteemed Physics Dept. as a graduate student. I wouldn’t have known anything about my neighbor had it not been for the California Attorney General’s website, http://www.meganslaw.ca.gov/. This website is loaded with all the convicted pedophiles, perverts and rapists in our area, and, to my astonishment, one of them lives in the university’s West Campus family student housing complex.

How is it that, despite all of the university’s residential buildings, Mr. Sciortino wound up in family student housing? There are oodles of small girls who play in the parks and walkways around the complex, which is located across the street from Isla Vista Elementary School. One would think this man, knowing that he is a registered sex offender, would choose housing where he is less apt to scare the neighbors. Perhaps the rent was cheap…

Although many of my neighbors do not personally know Sciortino, none of these parents want to take the chance that he failed to mend his sick tendencies during years spent in prison. However, the university claims it can’t discriminate against Sciortino. After all, hasn’t he “paid his debt to society”?

Wrong. There are some mistakes in life for which you never stop paying. Now that Mr. Sciortino’s dark history has come to light, it is time for Wilfred Brown, the executive director of UCSB Housing and Residential Services, to act. There are plenty of university housing alternatives where Sciortino would be surrounded by other discerning adults. For the sake of his peace and ours, Sciortino must move.