Associated Students President Cervin Morris will be arraigned Tuesday, Dec. 14 on charges stemming from his Nov. 12 arrest for allegedly hitting a man in the head with a glass bottle.

The Santa Barbara County District Attorney’s Office has filed charges of felony assault with a deadly weapon and misdemeanor battery against Morris, who also allegedly punched another man in the face during the incident.

Morris said he has not yet hired an attorney to represent him.

Hilary Dozer, the senior deputy district attorney who will be prosecuting Morris’s case, said it is too soon to predict how the case will unfold.

“It’s much too early in the case to even speculate on the potential consequences of his behavior,” Dozer said. “It seems to be a relatively straightforward case, but there are lots of variables involved along the way to reaching an outcome.”

In the event that Morris’s case does go to a jury trial and he is convicted on both counts, Dozer said his punishment could range from probation to a lengthy prison sentence. Based on his initial impression of the case, Dozer said it is not likely that Morris would be given the maximum penalty.

“Mr. Morris could face anywhere from no jail time up to a maximum of seven years in state prison, if convicted,” Dozer said. “I would find it very doubtful that he would be subject to the latter.”

Morris could also be required to attend anger management or alcohol abuse courses, Dozer said.

“There’s every indication that the offense was alcohol-related,” he said.

After the arraignment, Dozer said the next step will be a preliminary hearing, in which a judge will determine whether there was adequate probable cause for police to arrest Morris and then decide if the case can continue.