Editor, Daily Nexus,

Henry Sarria had it right when he wrote, “Between idiots falling off cliffs, morons beating the crap out of each other and assholes smashing the rearview mirrors of cars parked on the street, the cops have plenty to keep them busy” (“Ever Try Looking in the Mirror?”, Daily Nexus, Nov. 18). It would be nice if they actually kept themselves busy by stopping the idiots, morons and assholes. The problem is that the IVFP spends most of its time worrying about houses playing music and minors with beer than it does trying to stop serious crimes.

Mr. Sarria writes that the common factors among these serious I.V. problems are minors and booze. I guess he subscribes to the theory that, on a person’s 21st birthday, he or she discovers a magical power that allows the consumption of alcohol with no physical effects. He probably also subscribes to the “music causes crime” theory that IVFP adores.

Plenty of people under 21 can drink and party and still not hurt anyone. Plenty of people over 21 can fall off cliffs, beat the crap out of each other and smash rearview mirrors. Whenever people are at a party listening to music, they are not out breaking stuff or hurting themselves or others.

I.V. is a college town, and college students are going to drink, regardless. Maybe the IVFP should concentrate on serious stuff and pay attention to people who are too drunk to take care of themselves. The peaceful coherent minor with the red cup should be left alone.