Blood Brothers | Crimes | V2

The new album Crimes reinforces the Blood Brothers’ steady progression toward a musical style they have been creatively refining. The 13-track album demonstrates the band’s ability to emphasize remarkable instrumentation. After forming in 1997 and releasing three albums of prolonged screaming, the Blood Brothers’ aim for the fourth album is to accumulate songs considered more suitable for live shows. So, with such a promise, the band went on to write songs such as “Love Rhymes With Hideous Car Wreck” and “Crimes.” The singer does not exploit his voice by screaming as long; however, he now yelps in an incredibly high register. Furthermore, the band picked up an increasing number of instruments to add to the more melodic sound that is apparent in the new album. Thus, the distinct changes in their music illustrate a polished style that suits the Blood Brothers’ revisions.

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