Editor, Daily Nexus,

Last March, Santa Barbara City College student Bradley Jones was killed in the streets of Isla Vista. His death was not because of a long-standing feud or a gunshot wound. It was not out of vengeance. It wasn’t even on purpose. After participating in a small fight between a small group of young men, Jones was killed by accident, by one punch that knocked him backward onto the cement.

On Friday, Nov. 12, A.S. President Cervin Morris was involved in a similar situation; he participated in a small fight between a small group of young men that ended when he hit Matthew Yerbic on the head with a glass beer bottle.

When asked by the Daily Nexus to comment on the incident, Morris said, “It was just an altercation with an acquaintance of mine … I think it’s being blown out of proportion. It wasn’t a huge fight; it was just two people.” Morris also said that he hopes people continue to see him as a student, but I think that he needs to realize that he is not just a student; he is a representative of our school and our student body. We pay his tuition and we should be able to hold him to a higher standard. I am not asking him to step down from his position or even issue an apology; I am simply asking him to realize the magnitude of his actions, take responsibility for them and count his blessings that the events of Friday night did not turn out the way they turned out for Slava Olsen, the young man who accidentally killed Bradley Jones.