This weekend at San Diego, the Santa Barbara club cycling team peddled its way into various top spots in different cycling categories.

UCSB nearly had a monopoly on first place wins in all of its races in San Diego.

“Any time you win a race it’s a really big deal,” sophomore Matt Post said. “First place doesn’t happen very often. Usually it’s a weekly occurrence that we’ll place in the top 10.”

Sophomore Patrick Healy won first place in the men’s “C” cross country category, as well as first in the men’s “C” short track cross country. Freshman Jennifer Johanson, the team’s only competitor in the women’s “C” cross country race, collected another first place title for UCSB.

Post won first place in both the men’s “B” cross country and short track cross country courses. A handful of other Gauchos secured second and third place in their categories, of ten competitors in each race.

“These results are phenomenal,” Post said. “Everyone’s really been going at it and giving their best. It’s definitely paying off in the races.”