Editor, Daily Nexus,

Mollie Vandor’s column “Hold Your Tongue; Looks Can Be Deceiving,” (Daily Nexus, Nov. 2) mentioned that men should treat women with respect if we want to hook up with them. Either Mollie has no idea what she is talking about, or there’s a secret social scene where hooking up involves respect in Isla Vista – to which she should invite me.

I treat women with respect because I’m a nice guy, and I can tell you that here in I.V. nice guys finish last. I rarely hook up, and when it happens it’s always with a woman I have known for a while. It’s not because I’m ugly; I am not Brad Pitt, but the women I’ve dated have always been good-looking.

My friends who do hook up constantly are not caring, sweet, respectful gentlemen. They are chauvinists who just want to hit that shit and quit it. I was talking about this with one of my more experienced friends and he told me that all he has to do is be an asshole and they’ll hook up with him because he’s hot.

Hooking up is the antithesis of respect. How does getting trashed and sharing the most intimate experience with a stranger show any kind of respect for yourself, the other person or any of your future partners? Why should sluts command any of my respect when they clearly don’t respect themselves?

I’d prefer a dating and relationship culture to dominate the social scene of UCSB, but that’s not the way it is. So don’t worry, Mollie, I’ll treat you and every other woman with respect, and this is what will happen: absolutely nothing. Then when I get home late at night, I’ll give myself a swift kick for not being an asshole and trying to take advantage of some drunk slut.