Editor’s Note: It was incorrectly stated that the events started on Nov 15th and 6th. They actually start on Nov 5th and 6th. The Daily Nexus regrets this error

OUTrageous! The 13th Annual Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Film Festival should, by all means, be anything but an outrageous idea. The LGBT population in Santa Barbara is blossoming and campus clubs, like FUQIT and Queer People of Color, are as well. The Queer Resource Center in the UCen is also available to address queer-related issues and problems. But we here in Santa Barbara, whether queer or straight, are lucky to be surrounded by open minds. On Tuesday states across the nation voted to ban gay marriage and a president who publicly opposes homosexuality on moral grounds was re-elected. In film, queer characters, though more prominent than ever, are usually small roles and serve as comic relief to the mainstream. But OUTrageous is different. Here queer characters function as regular people rather than caricatures, and screen time is devoted to queer love stories, relationships, politics and arts. Thankfully, in this tough time, the LGBT community and Santa Barbara residents can bond this weekend over socially conscious film and breathe a sigh of relief that peace, love and acceptance prevail somewhere in this grim world.

Festival Schedule:
UCSB MultiCultural Center
8 p.m.
A program of intriguing shorts that reflect the diverse aspects of the LGBT community.
A young man faces the hard struggle of reconciling his sexual and cultural identities within the close-knit, traditionally minded Sikh community.

“Butch Body Blues”
Butch women of differing ages, ethnicities and identities discuss their love/hate feelings toward their own body images.

“Keep on Living”
Women creating music is the subject of this youth-produced short film, affirming queer musicians of color. Director: Paper Tiger TV with Safe Space & Le Tigre.

“In Any House”
The home is the setting for a young Mexican man’s unexpected coming out – as seen through his father’s eyes.

“Some Reasons for Living”
Two transgender Latina women share their day-to-day lives, struggles and a sisterly relationship in this touching documentary about being oneself, even if that self is perceived by society as different.

“Brother to Brother”
A hint of one of the finest movies in this year’s festival. This clip will have you wanting to see the entire feature, which will screen Sunday evening. Winner of the Audience Award for Best Feature and the Jury Prize for Best Feature at the 2004 Outfest, Los Angeles.

“One Wedding and a Revolution”
With same-sex marriage a more timely and burning issue than ever before, acclaimed Academy Award-winning filmmaker Debra Chasnoff turns her lens on the joy and commitment of some of the same-sex couples who were legally married (but only briefly so!) in San Francisco last February.


Fiesta 5 Theatre (916 State St.)
7 p.m.
Admission: $10
Seniors and students with valid ID: $7.50

“Goldfish Memory”
From Ireland comes this fast-paced, sexy and clever romantic comedy based on the premise that the experiences of goldfish (whose memory lasts only three seconds) are always fresh and exciting. Coincidentally, people also tend to forget, throwing themselves into each new romance with the same excitement as the first time (or last time) around. Take Angie and her circle of lesbian friends: Felicity and Sophie are no longer lovers, and Sinead is Felicity’s new girlfriend. Emeron, who used to be Felicity’s lover, is now in the process of breaking up with Jin. It seems that everyone is someone else’s ex or ex’s ex! Everyone is represented in this movie – gay, straight and everywhere in between – and everyone is constantly falling in and out of love and starting all over again.
Preceded by:
“Breaking Up Really Sucks”
Charlie (played by Alexandra Paul of “Baywatch” fame) discovers the perils of U-Haul relationships and love at first sight in an all-too-familiar scenario.


Fiesta 5 Theatre (916 State St.)
Admission: $6

“Hidden Fuhrer: Debating the Enigma of Hitler’s Sexuality”
There are longstanding rumors that Hitler was gay, and to shed some light on this hot potato, Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato (“The Eyes of Tammy Faye” and “Party Monster”) have come up with a provocative new documentary based on Lothar Machtan’s explosive book, The Hidden Hitler. With archival footage and oral histories from survivors of that period, this chilling film explores the F