Our local governments know best what our local issues and needs are. Therefore, their revenues need to be protected from outsiders so they can address local concerns.

The Nexus endorses Proposition 1A.

The public has the right to know the inner workings of the government. Government officials should be held accountable for their actions rather than sweeping their mistakes under the rug.

The Nexus endorses Proposition 59.

Having more than just one Democrat versus one Republican would be a welcome change. The more eligible choices for office, the higher quality of candidates we will have.

The Nexus endorses Proposition 60.

As far as we know, our great state is in somewhat of a budget crisis. So why not use the cash from the sale of surplus property to pay off bonds?

The Nexus endorses Proposition 60A.

We would have to be off our rockers to turn down a proposition to help build and modernize children’s hospitals. Passing this proposition would ensure that sick children have the best possible care on the planet.

The Nexus endorses Proposition 61.

Under Proposition 62, only two candidates would appear on the ballot – and they could be from the same party. Supporters argue that 62 will increase options, but it does exactly the opposite.

The Nexus opposes Proposition 62.

As fun as taxing the rich to benefit mental health care sounds, 1 percent of a person’s taxable income over $1 million is quite a hefty sum. Besides, many wealthy people make huge donations already – why not leave it up to them to decide which good causes to contribute to?

The Nexus opposes Proposition 63.

The existing law protects the public from pollution, financial schemes and discrimination. It’s odd that the biggest contributors to this proposition – which supposedly protects small businesses – are juggernauts like Microsoft and Bank of America.

The Nexus opposes Proposition 64.

It has come to our attention that this proposition is the preliminary version of Prop 1A. The same group wrote both 65 and 1A, and the unclear distinctions outlined in the propositions’ descriptions have led us to believe that it would be better to make a decision on the more recent one.

The Nexus declines to endorse or oppose Proposition 65.

This law has used thousands of taxpayers’ dollars to imprison people for petty crimes, and it hasn’t made citizens any safer. Limiting this law to apply to only violent criminals will save taxpayers money by limiting unnecessary jail sentences.

The Nexus endorses Proposition 66.

A few extra cents on both landline and cellular telephone bills seems very insignificant to us when more funds will be allocated for the 9-1-1 system and emergency care programs, services most people will need at least once in their lives.

The Nexus endorses Proposition 67.

The possibility of non-tribal competition in the casino industry could entice tribes to pay a percentage of their gambling revenues, potentially totaling over $1 billion, to the California government. If they don’t agree, the 16 non-tribal casinos would be set up at places like racetracks, where gambling already takes place.

The Nexus endorses Proposition 68.

The collection of DNA samples from all felons and certain other criminals gives investigators a more extensive database to work with, increasing the chances of solving a crime and decreasing the chances of false imprisonment.

The Nexus endorses Proposition 69.

This proposition cancels agreements that Gov. Schwarzenegger has arranged with Indian gaming tribes. These agreements already ensure that the tribes do their business in compliance with California law.

The Nexus opposes Proposition 70.

Stem cell research gives hope to those suffering from currently incurable diseases. Proposition 71 has the potential to advance the world of medicine to once-unthinkable heights, and the sooner we can get the ball rolling, the better.

The Nexus endorses Proposition 71.

Though Prop 72 will not fix the enormous health care problems we have in California, it is definitely a step in the right direction, providing many employees throughout the state with health care benefits that they otherwise would not have access to.

The Nexus endorses Proposition 72.