Here at the Nexus, we enjoy flip-flops – they’re cheap, comfortable and damn, they’re stylish. Our enjoyment of flip-flops extends into the political world as well. We guess that the label really depends on your party loyalty – either way, we want Sen. John Kerry for president.

Where Kerry’s opponents see “flip-flopping,” we see “analysis.” Let’s not forget here – we’re all human. The difference between the candidates is that when Bush makes a mistake, his ego blinds his rationale. When Kerry makes a mistake – the infamous “flip-flop” – he remedies it.

Kerry voted in favor of sending troops into Iraq under extenuating circumstances; he, like all Americans, was lied to by our commander in chief. When Bush told us that going into Iraq was a last resort, he misled the American people. Not to mention that he rushed into Iraq ultimately unprepared and undermanned. Kerry, on the other hand, has pledged to take the necessary steps to rebuild our alliances. As for Bush’s absurd “mission accomplished” bullshit, landing on an aircraft carrier claiming that the major conflict was over is the biggest piece of propaganda we’ve ever seen. At the time of his ridiculous speech, we had suffered 200 American casualties, but, according to him, the main conflict was over. Since his preposterous speech, we have had an additional 900 American casualties – this of course happening after the major conflict was over.

Bush imposed his No Child Left Behind Act – a good idea in theory, until he failed to properly fund his own program. During the debates, we heard Kerry talk about public school funding. All we heard from Mr. Bush is how he spent trillions of dollars on a war in Iraq that many feel is entirely unnecessary at this point.

Under the Bush administration the middle class has suffered. More kids have to go to junior colleges when they should be in schools like UCSB. This is unacceptable. Kerry has pledged to give tax relief to the middle class. Meanwhile, Bush has given tax relief to the top 3 percent of American earners. Sorry if you are in that category, but the other 97 percent of us are feeling the economic wrath of Bush’s reign.

As for the environment, Kerry could probably sit with his hands tied behind his back and do better than Bush – not that we encourage that or anything. Bush rebuffs Kerry’s environmental mudslinging with his Clean Skies Act. All of Bush’s oil drilling and cutting down trees hasn’t left our skies incredibly “clean.” Most of us are from California – has anyone seen the smoggy afternoon skies of L.A. or Sacramento?

As for everyone who hates Kerry and Bush, think about this: In the next four years there will likely be two openings in the Supreme Court. Do you really want two more conservative nut jobs like Attorney General John Ashcroft in there? If conservatives tip the balance of the Supreme Court, you will certainly see major rollbacks in programs such as affirmative action.

We’re voting for the candidate who is intent on rebuilding our alliances, will provide relief to our boys overseas and will lay the economic brickwork that will ensure that students will be able to have jobs when they graduate. Bush is not that man. Ralph Nader is certainly not that man. Kerry is that man.

The Nexus strongly endorses Sen. John Kerry for president of the United States.