Editor, Daily Nexus,

To the students of UCSB: My name is Bob Pohl, and I want your vote for State Assembly. I am asking for your vote because I believe I can help you more than my opponent can. I believe this for the following reasons.

1) I understand the problems facing education in this state. For the past five years, California has been unable to pass a budget. When this happens, individuals who pay the state for services are the first to be affected. Simply put, you students have footed the bill for the state’s inability to get their act together.

2) I want to fix Isla Vista’s infrastructure. Your homes have been disregarded for far too long. The I.V. Master Plan had the funds and ability to succeed, but the bureaucrats in office have squandered away your money. Over 50 percent of the funds in the I.V. Master Plan have gone to administrative costs and the A.S. president has not been contacted for student input.

I know that the problems facing Isla Vista are present today because you students and your neighbors have been taken for granted. Your vote is solicited, and your elected officials have not delivered on their promises.

For years I.V. has been a neglected stepchild to the county and state. The regime of politicians who have taken you for granted have seen you as faceless votes, only visiting a few days before elections.
My opponent is part of this old establishment that California dismissed last year. He is a Cruz Bustamante appointee. Realizing he has no real solutions to or knowledge of the issues, throughout this entire campaign he has done nothing but lie and distort the facts in a desperate attempt to smear my name so that he could win your vote through intimidation. While my opponent has done this, I have been walking Isla Vista talking with students and figuring out solutions to Isla Vista’s problems. My opponent has no interest in you, the student, and will do little to help.

The state of California took a bold and much-needed step last year when they put a man in office as governor that was not beholding to special interests and could make the changes necessary for the betterment of the State of California. I plan to continue that trend. I am pro-choice, against offshore drilling, am excited about the potential of the Green Economy and very pro-education.

Students, I will work with 3rd District Supervisor Brooks Firestone and the governor to give you men and women the break you need. Your tuition has risen, your class sizes are inflated and your homes have been disregarded for far too long. We will work to solve the parking situation, tuition increases, student fines and many other issues in Isla Vista. Vote for Bob Pohl on Nov. 2 and I promise you, help is on the way