Editor, Daily Nexus,

I am responding to the column “Our Hallowed Halls Defiled” (Daily Nexus, Oct. 18). I honestly can’t believe that I read an article about the new colors of some buildings. If the Nexus has enough space to print half a page regarding paint, of all things, then we obviously don’t have enough to complain about. True, the I.V. Theater is quite orange, but it looks extreme only in drab Isla Vista. Why begrudge it a new paint job? Geez.

As for the “suffering San Rafaelites” – that is absolutely ridiculous. If they are suffering, it’s not because of the color of the panels on the building. Is there not anything else to complain about? What about the repetition of food in the dining halls? Crowded bike lanes? As for the Manzanita “prison,” I’d really like to see where Brendan Buhler lives. I bet Manzanita looks a hell of a lot better. Is decor that looks like it’s from Ikea a bad thing? I always thought Ikea was pretty nice.

Brendan obviously was just looking for something to rant about and I find it particularly shallow. He sounds like the stereotypical stuck-up, rich university boy who has Mommy and Daddy’s money to rely on. And what the hell was his comment about the freshmen? He obviously hasn’t been to my floor to see me and all my hot friends.