Could it really be possible that the American Dream that encouraged, motivated and galvanized half of Europe throughout the 20th century to move to the States in hope of fortune, has run out, leaving instead an American Hatred? It is possible, and it is happening.

We Europeans do not hate you Americans; not at all. Let’s face it, you saved our ass in World War II, and that is only one of the reasons to admire and honor your nation.

Something crucial and unexpected has changed, though, in these last four years that has made the relationship between the old continent and the United States very, very delicate. A man who became the president of the United States of America does not fully understand the duties of his office. America is not only a union of 50 states – it is also the most powerful country in the world, especially militarily speaking, and a guide for all democratic nations. George W. Bush seems to think he can go do whatever he wants without caring what stupid foreigners think – he is shirking his responsibility to lead and unite.

I am not insisting that because the U.S. is at the head of an informal coalition of western, civilized, democratic states, it should therefore meekly do what its European allies want it to do. But a fact stands strong in this discussion: There are more than 6 billion humans on the planet, not merely 290 million Americans, and you have to take this into account when leading a coalition.

George W. Bush has not done this, instead rushing into a war without sincerely taking into account the remaining part of the western world’s opinion. Going to the UN asking for backup in a seemingly unjustified attack of a foreign country and letting Europeans know that the U.S. will embark in this great journey to bring freedom to the Iraqis is simply not enough. It is extremely foolish and na