Associated Students met for a record-breakingly short time Wednesday night to discuss upcoming A.S.-sponsored events and to confirm A.S. board and committee representatives.

The main discussion in the hour-long meeting was this Saturday’s Get Out The Vote (GOTV) concert sponsored by A.S.

Off-Campus Rep. Chaz Whatley said many last-minute changes to the GOTV concert nearly caused her to have a nervous breakdown.

“I got a call [from the Fund for Santa Barbara],” Whatley said. ” ‘Sorry to give you bad news, but you didn’t get the grant.'”

Whatley said she asked the Fund for Santa Barbara for $3000 to help pay the $8000 talent fee of the concert’s headlining band. The Fund, which allocates money for social change programming, denied the money because it would not have been used to purchase voter registration material, she said. According to Whatley, voter registration material has already been supplied.

Because A.S. did not receive the grant, they have had to cancel the GOTV concert BBQ to afford the talent fee, Whatley said.

“Actually, it was a blessing in disguise because the stuff I’d have to do for the health permits is just too much [work right now],” she said.

The previously listed headlining band, The Far Side, will be replaced by the hip hop band the Beatnuts because, according to Whatley, she was not able to confirm the group far enough in advance.

Despite the changes to Saturday’s concert, Whatley said she still expects 700-1,000 students to attend.

“I still think people will come because the Beatnuts will be there,” she said. “You can bring alcohol.”

Board members appointed several A.S. board and committee representatives, including co-chairs to the Environmental Affairs Board, the Isla Vista Community Relations Committee, and Recreation Center Governance Board as part of their action items.

Aside from appointments and weekend events, board members briefly discussed business for next week’s meeting. Among the items was a bill to update the A.S. financial policies presented by Rep-at-Large Jason Everitt. The bill was automatically tabled until next week.

Board members adjourned the one-hour meeting and expressed a desire to keep all Leg Council meetings as concise. Internal VP Andrea Wells said she more than agreed with such a sentiment.

“I really appreciate the Leggies’ dedication to getting the meeting done in a timely fashion,” Wells said.