Editor, Daily Nexus,

To be blunt, I must say that the Weather box represents all the things about college life I don’t want to hear about. The issues discussed within the Weather section have no relative importance to how I am going to deal with the numerous unknowns that might occur during the course of my day. It’s supposed to be an intelligent, witty, informative, and hung-over piece regarding socio-political economic issues pertinent to the average UCSB student. Do you actually read what you are printing this year? I mean … what the f@!#!

I remember days of yore when I actually looked forward to reading the Daily Nexus because the Weatherhuman actually had something important to say. I mean, honestly, the past two years have been truly meaningful. To open the Daily Nexus and read the Weather box makes me actually want to graduate because there is nothing to look forward to anymore.