Editor, Daily Nexus,

I am glad that Justin Violini (“UCs Do More Than Destroy, Just Ask Our Nobel Laureates,” Daily Nexus, Oct. 12) recognizes that Ross’ article (“UC Bankrolling a Nuclear Fallout,” Daily Nexus, Oct. 11) regarding the UC system’s mismanagement of the nuclear laboratories has truth to it. But I am deeply disappointed with his false analogies and his condemnation of free speech. First of all, it is ridiculous to compare the proliferation of nuclear arms to a political science department. In the case of nuclear arms, there is a direct link between creating weapons of mass destruction and the destabilization of national security and the violation of international law. In the case of political science, there it is an overreaching stretch – at best – to associate learning about how the American political system operates and actually being elected to the position in the government that controls its military.

I understand what Violini is getting at with his point about the other aspects of the laboratories, but let us be perfectly clear. Sixty percent of the laboratories are used for nuclear development. As a member of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, the United States is committed to ceasing the nuclear arms race and to working toward nuclear disarmament. In other words, it is a directly violating the international rules it chose to abide by.

Furthermore, how can Violini say that we are not supposed to say that what the scientists are doing is “evil?” That is exactly the kind of Orwellian, big brother psychobabble that has infected our society since 9/11. Of course we have that right! We are not above international law, contrary to what the Bush administration would have us believe. We have the duty to say this and to speak out against whatever else we feel is unjust.