Obscene Phone Call

Monday, Oct. 4, 10:47 a.m.: A RecCen supervisor received a voice mail making negative sexual references and threatening his life. Officers reported the male caller to have said in the voice mail, “I’ll kill you and kick your ass.” He followed by more name-calling and said, “If you don’t settle down, you will lose your job.”

The supervisor suspects the caller to be one of the students with whom he had a confrontation in the weight room last week. During this incident, the supervisor confronted two male students who were using weights unsafely and they responded with verbal hostility.

Detectives are still following up on the students that the RecCen supervisor thinks might be responsible.

Signs of Intoxication

Saturday, Oct. 2, 2:16 a.m.: UCPD officers responded to reports of a man in the median of El Colegio Rd. near the Santa Ynez Apartments hitting road signs with a four- to five-foot pole. When officers arrived at the scene, they found two men walking in the median toward Francisco Torres, hitting road signs with poles. Officers spoke to the men and determined that they were intoxicated.

Both men were arrested for public intoxication and sent to Santa Barbara County Jail pending sobriety. The road signs were checked but found to have sustained no significant damage from the poles.

Cheech and Chong

Friday, Oct. 1, 1:17 p.m.: Officers were stationed at the intersection of Pardall Rd. and Embarcadero del Norte to watch for seatbelt violations. Officers spotted the male driver and passenger of one passing vehicle hurriedly putting their seatbelts on. The vehicle was stopped for questioning and officers discovered that stereo equipment was being illegally sold out of the vehicle without a permit.

While the entrepreneurs were being warned about the possible consequences of their illegal sales, the officers noticed a marijuana pipe in plain view on the center console of the car. A search of the vehicle revealed the driver to be in possession of marijuana and a suspended license.

Officers seized the marijuana and the driver of the vehicle was cited for driving with a suspended license, driving without a seat belt and possession of marijuana.

– Compiled by Lindsey Miller