*In Lauren Eardensohn’s letter, “Giving Greeks’ Philanthropy Shouldn’t Be Overlooked,” it was incorrectly stated that rush organization costs almost $20,000. Eardensohn actually wrote that the cost was almost $20,000 per house.
The Nexus regrets these errors.

Editor, Daily Nexus,

Ever heard of AXO billiards, Kappa Dash or Beta softball? These are philanthropy events held every year by greek houses. They use their money to help fund these events. They contribute to these events because they want to, not because it is required.

As for member selection, it is a mutual selection process – you choose the girls you wish to be sisters with and they choose you. If you are unable to pay or are unhappy, you can drop out or de-activate. Once accepted, those with financial hardships can be compensated for their sorority fees by groups within the national organization. The fee is a small fraction of the much larger cost it takes to run a formal recruitment.