Editor, Daily Nexus,

I must admit, every time I hear of greek organizations in the newspaper, I’m hesitant to read the article.

As a greek myself, I don’t want to hear about the negative incidents that happen when greeks choose to haze or drink. Though negative press coverage is a part of the real world, spotlighting the failures and errors of greeks instead of the positive aspects will only continue to further the already negative stereotype of “frats” and sororities.

But there is another stereotype, one in which fraternities and sororities exist only in the interfraternal realm, a.k.a. “mainstream.” Dina Vainer’s article “Fraternities, Sororities Begin Fall Recruitment” (Daily Nexus, Oct. 1) chooses to completely overlook some of the national pan-hellenic and local/regional fraternities and sororities, many of which choose to recruit in a more discreet fashion. The article referred to only 10 UCSB sororities and nine UCSB fraternities. The last time I checked, there were 15 additional greek groups registered with the Office of Student Life -including Latino(a), Asian, African-American, and multicultural-interest greek organizations.

The fall fraternity guide, or more accurately, “the (incomplete) fall recruitment guide,” also does not cover all the greek organizations on campus, and covers only the larger ones. As mentioned before, any positive press coverage is always appreciated by any greek organization, but, like anything else in the world, we all hope to receive equal coverage.

Fall Quarter is the biggest and most important rush for any fraternity or sorority, since this is a time when the vast majority of students who decide to rush and potentially join a greek organization do so. But how are students to know of all their options when nearly half of their choices are not even mentioned?

Editor’s note: The fall fraternity guide was an advertising supplement compiled by the Interfraternity Council.