Editor, Daily Nexus,

Dave Franzese’s sex article (“The Man Behind the Fly,” Daily Nexus, Sept. 29), although humorous at peak points, was a textbook view of misogyny and sophomoric humor at work. The worst thing that I found while I perused the columns, though, was the blatant disregard for original thought.

Here is what I am talking about: The whole premise for the article was a talking penis that can use the typewriter. Although humorous, this idea is not one of Franzese’s own as he claimed it to be. So I pose a question to this up-and-coming writer: Do you watch any TV and movies when you have downtime? Because, I believe you stole this idea from a little-known movie called “Fight Club,” which has been running on TV’s FX channel for the past three weeks.

Here again we find an article written by an organ in the first person. “I am Jack’s medulla oblongata” and I am pissed as hell. Don’t get me wrong, Davie; everyone enjoys the Wednesday sex articles and they take us away from the monotony of daily Gaucho life, but please give credit where credit is due. Maybe there is something to why all of the sex columnists have been women thus far. Women are more mature than men and can talk seriously about these topics without snickering like a junior high school student.

I urge you to continue writing these articles but hopefully from a more intellectual perspective. Please zip up and experience life as we all have, find a nice girl to talk to and place her on a pedestal instead of the hood of a Corvette. So to you from me and all of the other students I talked to today, please keep the stories and information coming. We could all use some interesting writing, but as far as Little Joe Namath is concerned, keep it in your pants! And when you look for new and interesting ideas, remember what you have done here. I am author Chuck Palahniuk’s copyright, and I have just been violated.