While an investigation into last spring’s theft of multimedia equipment from Kerr Hall has not yet yielded any arrests, management at the building and UC police said they have taken measures to prevent similar burglaries.

Kerr Hall, which supplies multimedia facilities to over 98 general classrooms and 40 additional department rooms, has replaced some of the stolen equipment and installed a new, more extensive security system. During a June 11 heist, an unknown suspect or suspects stole approximately $200,000 in audiovisual equipment from the building, including computers, photo equipment and data projectors.

Classroom Service Manager John Davis said that the new equipment has enabled Kerr Hall to provide sufficient equipment for campus departments this quarter, but that the theft did disrupt service over the summer, before the equipment could be replaced.

“We skipped a beat in the summer because we didn’t have a full inventory of laptops for professors,” Davis said. “Now we’ve picked up the equipment we lost.”

Kerr Hall Business Officer Tia Thompson said that a new security system was installed this summer in order to protect the recently replaced equipment. Improvements to the system include additional alarms within the building and motion detectors around the building’s perimeter.

In addition to electronic security, UCPD officer Mark Signa said university police are adjusting their patrol routes to increase building surveillance.

“The redone alarm system is the most important improvement,” he said. “In addition, there have been some patrol changes; we spend more time in that area and do extra building checks.”

UCPD has not yet found the thief or thieves, Signa said, but an investigation of the burglary is still open and detectives are currently following leads.

Davis said he is hopeful the stolen equipment will be returned.

“I would like to think that some of our equipment will turn up somewhere and be identified,” he said. “At this point, we’re just moving on.”

Thompson said Kerr Hall has turned in the necessary insurance claims for the stolen equipment and is now waiting to receive compensation.