UCSB offers a variety of 19 intramural sports with something for everyone.

“Intramurals are easy to get involved in and fun,” Intramural Bowling Coordinator Greg Luden said. “It’s something to look forward to every week.”

Intramural sports only require an hour a week for competition, and no experience is necessary. Each team only practices as much as its members decide to. There is at least one league for each sport, with many sports having multiple leagues ranging in skill level from beginning to advanced. It’s a great way to try a new sport.

“The best thing about intramurals is ‘no experience necessary,’ and you don’t have to bring your own team,” Luden said. “The only pre-requisite is interest. You don’t have to be good because there are advanced leagues to novice.”

On average, 3,000 students participate in intramural sports each quarter at UCSB. The most popular sports are basketball and soccer, but all the sports have at least one league each quarter they are offered. This year, new facilities will also make the sports more competitive. The new turf installed on Rob Field will be used for intramural and club sports. Recreation Center II is scheduled to open in 2004 and will feature an indoor soccer arena and floor hockey rink. The bowling teams use nearby Zodo’s Bowling and Beyond in Goleta, and the golf team competes on local courses.

“One of the best sports is inner tube water polo,” Luden said. “If you’re never laughed for 40 minutes straight, then you’ve never played inner tube water polo.”

Fun Fitness Festival, which takes place during welcome week, features a representative from each intramural and club sport who can answer any questions and help with sign-ups. After a free Jamba Juice and a slice of Woodstock’s Pizza, Curious George is one step closer to making the most out of his college experience!