This is in response to Loren Williams’ article, “Homosexuals Need to Learn How to Put Up Their Dukes” (Daily Nexus, Sept. 28). Williams did not have all the necessary information to draw his conclusions, such as the history involved in gay rights and the hard work that queers have done to raise awareness.

Men and women have been murdered and abused in every single way for simply being known as queer. What exactly does Williams expect, when today there are repercussions for being queer, and queer bashing still exists? Men and women are still beaten for being queer. Many organizations, such as the military, do not accept queer personalities (with their “Do not ask, do not tell” policy).

All of this makes it difficult for people to demand gay rights. Rights, such as marriage, have become a “privilege” rather than a right for the homosexual community. Many organizations exist on campus, such as Queer Student Union (QSU), Queer People of Color (QPOC) and a new group called Fun Undergraduate Queers In it Together (FUQIT). Perhaps Williams should visit the Rainbow Room in the UCen and discover the hard work that many students here on campus are doing to work for queer rights.

Did Williams know that there is another Rainbow House this year at Manzanita Village? Students here are queer, allies and queer-friendly. There is an entire residence hall committed to working for queer rights. Wasn’t it you, Williams, who said, “Homosexuals need to learn how to put up their dukes?”