Editor, Daily Nexus,

The following is a response to Maria Harutyunyan’s Wednesday column (“Rapists Should Own Up to Their Crimes,” Daily Nexus, May 26).

First, I agree, as I hope we all do, with Maria’s contempt for those who peruse the party scene hoping to come across some drunken person whom they can sexually abuse. Such activity is, on top of being illegal, indicative of an utter lack of respect for others, stemming from a complete lack of respect for one’s self. I would also suspect that, in addition to these character flaws, the perpetrators of these criminal activities are often only slightly less drunk than the passed out or disoriented victims of their abuse. Whatever the case, their actions are wrong and should not be tolerated.

That being said, we all need to realize that there are people in the world, a world which I.V. is definitely a part of, who are not only willing to rape other people but also may even be seeking out opportunities to do so. There are people out in I.V. every weekend who will try to rape you if given the chance. Please internalize this fact, and incorporate it into the way you behave. Drinking until you are “too drugged to protest or even know what is going on” or until you are “limp” and “practically lifeless” is absolutely irresponsible behavior, and in light of the well known presence of sex offenders in the party scene, it is just plain foolish. Putting yourself in such a vulnerable state is giving these criminals just the opportunity that they are looking for. It won’t be your fault, but that won’t make you feel better after you have been abused. So take things into your own hands as much as possible, which may mean cutting back on the drinking so you can actually use your hands. You may not ever secure a guarantee that you won’t be raped, but the least you can do is refuse to give rapists your body on a substance-induced silver platter.