Editor, Daily Nexus,

This is in response to “The Key to Women Lies in Relationships” by Timothy Cho (Daily Nexus, May 21). Let me start out with one of his opening lines: “Women were created for men.” Should I count how many ways I disagree with this opinion? There might be too many for me to write down. Women were not created for men. We, as women, are individual anonymous beings who do not always want to please men and be approved by them. For example, I do not base my entire life around men. Men are also in our world and can be great companions, lovers and friends, but in no way were I or other women created for men! Cho needs to realize that not all women want to please him and circulate their lives around him.

Cho noted many times that a woman needs to be reassured of her beauty. “She also wants you to make her feel like she is the most gorgeous woman in your life… She wants a man … that can reassure her in her time of need that she is truly the most beautiful … woman …” Women do not need constant reassurance from some stupid man that they are “beautiful” and “gorgeous.” Most women know this about ourselves already! Compliments from men also do not need to be solely based on physical appearance. How about some comments on our superb intellectual abilities, individual minds and not being afraid to speak up against continually sexist views published in UCSB’s Daily Nexus?

The entire article written by Cho dripped with thoughts from a sexist mind, incapable of understanding women as we truly are. If Cho thinks he can retain a relationship with his views on women, then the only woman he should look for is a brain-dead, man-worshiping woman who wants to spend her life in the arms of another brain-dead individual.