Here is the humbling truth about men and women. Women were created for men, and men cannot live without women. Women are beautiful. No matter what the size, shape, age or any other physical variables you can think of, women by nature are beautiful people. In almost all cases – obviously with exceptions – it is the desire of a woman to serve the man of her dreams with all of her heart. Women have a soft, warm, sweet and tender side that longs to be with a man and serve him with utter loyalty and faithfulness. Only a man who is ready to take on the challenge of carrying out a relationship with all of his heart can help satisfy her needs.

Women need to be fought for, cherished and loved with a man’s best effort. She needs a man who has a goal, a purpose in life, someone who lives life with passion and, above all that, she wants you to offer her your hand to come with you on your life adventures. It is her desire to help you and serve you on your journey. She also wants you to make her feel like she is the most gorgeous woman in your life and that no other women in the world matter to you but her. She doesn’t want you to give up on her when she thinks you deserve someone who is prettier than she is and when she doesn’t feel like she is worthy. She wants a man with fierce confidence and courage that can reassure her in her time of need that she is truly the most beautiful and most wanted woman in your heart.

So then we, as men, must ask ourselves this one simple question: Are you ready for a relationship? There are many things that you must assess in yourself before you consider yourself ready to take on this challenge. You need a purpose in life – a battle, a cause that you are fighting for. Every man has a purpose and he must discover this before getting into a relationship.

To be involved in a relationship means that you are going to sacrifice your needs to serve her. Too many relationships and marriages break up because of this reason. People have too much pride and say to themselves, “I deserve better than this. I deserve this and I deserve that.” This is not the right mindset to take into a relationship. For both parties, in order for the relationship to succeed, the two must work to serve one another and not expect anything in return. They must submit to one another. With that mindset, they will receive much more. A woman needs to be cherished. Too many men neglect their girlfriends and wives because they get comfortable with the relationship and they start to mistreat their partners, often times leading to abuse and breakups. But to cherish a woman means to support her through thick and thin, even if the relationship has gotten comfortable. Finally, you need to be able to accept the fact that physical beauty isn’t everything. Love is a choice you make to endure and honor one another no matter how hard things may get. When you find someone you can love and hold, it is a gift, a treasure. Attraction is important, but love is what carries through in a relationship.

As I graduate in the spring, I will be embarking on a new journey into the real world. My personal calling is a very dangerous one, one that involves leading a platoon of infantry soldiers of the 101st Airborne Division and then becoming a chaplain in the army. This is my own life, but every man has his own battles, whether it’s in a corporation or in politics. My time and experience at UCSB has helped me discern my calling and my journey in this world. I encourage you to seek out your purpose and discover who you really are. Education isn’t all about academics. Social, spiritual, cultural and political education are all available here at UCSB. Take advantage of this time and find yourself and seek for the truth. Godspeed Gauchos.

Timothy Cho is a senior philosophy major.