Organizers said Saturday’s free Extravaganza concert at Harder Stadium, showcasing 10 bands on two stages and featuring headlining band MXPX, is expected to draw around 10,000 people.

The concert, sponsored by A.S. Program Board, will begin at 11 a.m. and last until dusk. In addition to MXPX, scheduled bands include Talib Kweli, Donavon Frankenreiter, The Bronx and MF Doom on the main stage and Code 415, The Colour, The Penfifteen Club, Satin and The Return on stage two. There will also be various activities such as a sumo wrestling ring, a giant trampoline and a rock-climbing wall. There will be a $2 fee to park on campus.

Program Board Publicity Coordinator April Dunlap said turnout at last year’s concert was roughly 10,000 people and the board is expecting about the same number to attend this year.

“It should just be a really good show,” Dunlap said. “This is one of the best lineups we’ve had in years.”

Dunlap said the entire event cost roughly $100,000. Program Board receives funding from sponsors and a $4.50 per-student per-quarter lock-in fee.

Travis Heard, Program Board commissioner, said costs for the Extravaganza have gone up since last year. Major expenses include $3,000 paid to an electrician to supervise the show, $10,000 for sound equipment and stage use and $1,500 for advertising. The majority of the money in Program Board’s budget goes toward paying the bands.

“Many bands have nondisclosure clauses in their contracts so we can’t say how much we spent on them,” Heard said. “They don’t want to look negative or hurt future negotiations.”

Heard said another significant expense for the event was security. Program Board Security, University Police Dept., Community Service Officers and professionally trained security will all be working the concert. There will also be ambulances available in case of emergency.

UCPD officer Mark Signa said all the security personnel will work together to enforce the rules.

“There really is never any harm to anyone,” Signa said. “We’re expecting a nice, peaceful event.”

Problems in past years have included moshing during the main acts and people attempting to sneak alcohol into the stadium – both cases in which offenders are immediately ejected from the concert.

CSOs will pat down attendees and search their belongings. No bottles, cans, knives, weapons, stage diving, crowd surfing, cameras, recording devices, wallet chains, skateboards or animals are allowed in the stadium.

“We have everything under control,” Heard said. “I just hope the number of people in attendance reflects the effort we put in.”