Come to the Women’s Center lawn today and walk through the “tunnel of love.”

The UCSB Sex and Relationship Interns will host the annual “Sex Affair” fair today from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The event will include tabling from various groups on campus, such as Men Against Rape, Planned Parenthood, Pacific Pride Foundation and the Goleta Suicide Help Line. The a cappella group Brothas From Otha Mothas will also perform at the fair. In addition, the event features a “tunnel of love,” a walkway which visitors can travel through and view information about sexual health.

“Our primary goal is to raise awareness surrounding sexual health and relationships,” said Joanna Hill, Sex and Relationship Interns adviser.

The first 500 visitors through the tunnel will receive “goodie bags,” containing condoms, lube and candy. Informational packets about sex, relationships and the resources available to students will also be included. Hill said the tunnel provides visitors with more privacy.

“It’s a 20- to 30-foot-long tunnel canopy, and it has posters about health information,” she said. “The idea behind that is that you can look without people staring.”

While the event focuses on sex, Hill said the group is not advocating that students go engage in sexual activities. Information about abstinence will also be featured on the tunnel.

“We’re not encouraging everyone to go out and have sex,” she said. “But if you do, we’re encouraging you to do it safely and communicate your needs.”

Beyond the sex, staff from the fair will also be available to talk to students about relationships, Hill said.

“It’s stuff like having to talk to your partner about using condoms,” she said.

Students interested in the more kinky variety of sexual activity can also learn about safety with sex toys at the event, Hill said.

Chelsea Starkweather, Sex and Relationships intern and co-coordinator for the fair, said about 600 people attended last year’s event. While most student simply walked around and looked at the information in the tunnel, some did ask the staff questions.

“Most of the questions that get asked, once people go through the tunnel, [are about] the various birth control methods,” Starkweather said.