Editor, Daily Nexus,

Last Friday as I was passing by Storke Plaza I took a moment to see what was going on. The first words I heard were, “We have gotten nothing but support from everyone – that is until a few days ago. In fact, I am going to read the letter I got from a freshman student.” As he proceeded to read this letter, which was in opposition of the “wedding” that would take place on campus, I was disappointed and saddened by what followed.

The speaker named the student’s name and encouraged the crowd to boo and jeer him, simply because he had written a letter opposing an activity that was taking place on this campus. This young man was publicly trashed and challenged to show his face.

Added to this, the person performing the wedding – a dean, I believe – did not denounce what had transpired moments before; she said she embraced all that was taking place. How can this be? What happened to tolerance and encouraging students to express their thoughts?

To the student who had the nerve to write the letter, I hope you always speak what is on your mind and are not deterred by those who are intolerant of your opposing view point.

To the young man who read the letter, how unfortunate; you had an opportunity to state your case and perhaps encourage some to your way of thinking, but by shaking your fist instead of opening your hand you have caused some to turn away.