Editor, Daily Nexus,

Crowds cheering, fists flying and hot girls dancing away. Sounds more like something on Spike TV, but nope, it was all done in the name of charity. I just find it ironic that violence and sex can be merited as good works for the children. I’m not being a conservative, uptight bitch about it, but rather I congratulate Pi Kappa Alpha’s Fight Night for using these two ways to raise money. Imagine what they will think up next in the name of charity? How about selling homemade porn films, an amateur “Jackass” tape or even a free striptease with donations going to the Boys and Girls club?

Sure you can tell me, “Oh you’re just jealous that you don’t have a body or even come close looking like the lingerie-wearing ring girls,” or that I’m a wimp for not being in the ring punching my ass off. But I remember the days when charity work was a breast cancer run or donating blood to the Red Cross. If money is what we are talking about, there were those times when auctions, sponsored sporting events and concerts were in place for earning aid money.

I’m not saying boxing and dancing in hot clothes is a bad no-no or shouldn’t be considered entertainment. However, what is the message given to the kids at the Say Yes to Kids Foundation who receive this money? I guess times have changed and dancing in lingerie and knocking the hell out of each other is the new way to contribute to society. Hey, it does rake in more cash than washing cars in the heat.

I’m glad the example we set to the kids for whom we extend a helping hand can do the same thing for the next generation to come. Who knows? They might actually bring on real strippers and brawlers and jet the prices up instead of our foolish attempts of amateur boxers and dancers.

I wonder what is next on the charity agenda.