Wednesday evening’s Associated Students Legislative Council meeting raced by at a record-breaking 30 minutes, though, technically, it was not a meeting.

Of the 22 members of Legislative Council, 10 came to the meeting – three members short of the required 13 needed to reach quorum. Because of the lack of members, the council was unable to approve last week’s minutes. Some charged that council members skipped the meeting to campaign for office in next year’s student government.

Internal Vice President Denise Aceves said she was disappointed so many members failed to show up.

“This is the first time this has ever happened,” Aceves said.

Off-Campus Rep Andrea Wells, who is currently running for internal vice president with the Students’ Party, said she believes most of the members missing were out campaigning.

“Students’ Party [Leg Council members] were there in full force because the legal code says Legislative Council comes before all other activities,” Wells said.

Rep-at-Large Felicia Cruz, who is running with the Students’ Party for external vice president of statewide affairs, said she too was disappointed by the low attendance.

“We’re not representing the students if we’re not having meetings,” Cruz said. “It was the least productive meeting we’ve ever had.”

Students’ Party presidential candidate Cervin Morris was unable to attend the meeting but sent a proxy in his place.

Rep-at-Large Katie Joaquin, the Student Action Coalition’s candidate for internal VP of statewide affairs, was unexcused from the meeting. Joaquin said she overslept and arrived at the meeting after it had adjourned. She said she understood attendance is important because cohesion is what keeps Leg Council going. Her tiredness, Joaquin said, is partially due to her campaigning.

“Things are going well,” Joaquin said. “They’re up in the air for me right now.”

Although most of those who were absent either called ahead or sent proxies, two members of the council were unexcused because they failed to either call or find a proxy. Aceves said the non-meeting would not cause problems because there was no new or old business to attend to.

“There was no immediate business that needed to get done,” Aceves said.

Without quorum, the council could not approve the minutes of A.S. groups like Finance Board. The council will hold a phone vote today to pass the minutes.