It’s 7:30 p.m. on your silly 4/20 holiday, and I am disappointed. Everything that I feared prior to listening to this six song EP came true. I accuse Crank Records of exploiting the celebrity status of Bright Eyes to push their “Coldplay from Omaha” act, Nena Dinova, on an unwilling audience: namely me. Guilty as charged.

Nena Dinova suffer from terminal blandness, a Bright Eyes cover band equipped with “wall of sound” alt-country production but without the “I could die at any second” vocals. As for everybody’s favorite tortured Omahanian, Conor Oberst (aka, Bright Eyes) strays from his poignant political activism and reverts back to the standard yet articulate “life is a bummer, let’s be friends” shtick that brought him to popular attention. Is Oberst becoming a caricature, forever damned to his own clich