With its dwindling Spring Quarter budget bolstered by an extra $1,000 this week, the Associated Students Finance Board managed to appropriate $2,178.99 at its meeting Monday and still have money to spare.

The additional funds were taken from an unused A.S. Leadership Development account at the beginning of the meeting, bringing the board’s unallocated budget to $2,124.73, with another $4,000 set aside for the upcoming culture weeks and cultural graduations. After last week’s meeting lasted over three hours, board members welcomed Monday’s light agenda of only six groups presenting funding requests.

Finance Board awarded the Black Student Union $1,000 – the amount voted to be reserved for each culture week at the board’s last meeting – to help fund the annual Black Culture Week from May 9 to 15. The week will include social events, workshops and lectures, and will be preceded by a lecture by Professor Patricia Collins of the University of Cincinnati on May 6.

The Anthropology Student Union, which requested $1,800 for its inaugural California Undergraduate Anthropology Conference, was allotted only $335.74 because organizers will be charging $28 for tickets to the event.

Senior anthropology major Amanda Hendrickson, one of the event’s organizers, said she wanted the conference to bring together leading professors and academics from the various fields related to anthropology.

“We really want this event to be successful,” Hendrickson said. “As much as we want this to be geared toward undergraduates, we also want the event to be a serious academic conference.”

Hui O Lokahi, the campus’ Hawaiian club, was given $200 for its upcoming luau, another first-time event. Third-year molecular, cellular and developmental biology major Janna Young, an organizer for the event and Finance Board member, said the club would benefit from the attention the luau would bring.

“We hope that this will be our great opening event that will let people know who we are,” Young said.

Several returning events also received funding at the meeting. La Escuelita, a student-run organization focusing on community service, got $243.25 to put toward food, equipment and childcare for its third annual Parent Conference. The conference will focus on educating parents about college requirements and potential sources of financial aid.

Los Curanderos received $225 of the $500 it requested for its annual Minority Pre-Health Conference, which is aimed at promoting diversity among students interested in pursuing careers in health professions.

Sex Affair 2004, an event put on by the Sex and Relationship Interns, was granted $175 to help build the “Tunnel of Love” for the event. The tunnel will contain various interactive exhibits designed to promote safe sex practices and contraception methods.

Although A.S. Finance Board currently has $945.74 left to allocate for the rest of the quarter, Chair Fernando Ramirez said he expects more money to be procured in the near future. At the meeting, board members were given a list of organizations that had not spent some or all of the money allotted them by Finance Board. Ramirez said the board would probably be appropriating some of the unused funds and reallocating them at future meetings.

“There’s obviously some groups who have not spent all the money we gave them,” Ramirez said. “We’re not arbitrarily going out and taking money from anyone – we will be working closely with the groups to find out what we can use.”