Editor, Daily Nexus,

Only in Santa Barbara could someone who allegedly sexually assaults a female be a victim and someone who makes a joke about a crappy feminist poem be a misogynist. Where are the femi-Nazis in their condemnation of Riccardo Apollo King? They were quick to condemn me when I made fun of their little magazine. I guess the Women’s Commission is too busy writing poems and blocking traffic to lobby the district attorney for a maximum base term, penalty enhancements and strike priors to make sure this guy isn’t out for some time (assuming he is guilty).

Of course, if you are a lesbian yourself, it appears to be open season on your partner in this county. Who can forget Judge Diana Hall’s battery on her lesbian partner, for which she merely received a misdemeanor conviction and was allowed to return to the bench?

Apparently “It Affects Me” only when the attacker is a white, heterosexual male.