Editor, Daily Nexus,

I am a 2003 UCSB alumna and I still read the Daily Nexus on occasion because it pulled me through four long years at UCSB. I was excited to read your April Fools’ Day issue and enjoy the spoof articles and all the other great laughs that the edition always contains.

I didn’t even get through the first article before I was appalled at what I read. Your “Isla Vista Goes Dry” (Daily Nexus, April 1) spoof article was amusing, to my delight, until your comment about David Attias. Perhaps your staff members are too young to remember that accident or may not have been attending UCSB at the time. For the people that witnessed the accident and friends and family of those four people, it is still a very recent memory that has yet to be dulled by time.

Let me recap the event for those students that know very little about what happened. David Attias was a freshman student with a history of mental instability and drug use. His fellow students at Francisco Torres Residence Hall thought he was a little strange, but not a danger. On Feb. 23, 2001, he intentionally drove his Saab into a crowd of five people, instantly killing four and critically injuring the fifth. He then proceeded to drag one of the bodies down Sabado Tarde Road, screaming unimaginable things until he was subdued by the horrified crowd that had watched the incident unfold from a party a few houses down. If you would like more information, just do an online search of the Daily Nexus.

Although you choose to compare the death of four people to the deaths of thousands, you forget that the friends and families of those sailors have had 60 years to dull the pain of losing someone. People like me, my friends, the Bourdakis family, the Divis family, the Levy family and the Israel family have had four years. One tragedy took place during a time of war and the other on a Saturday night in I.V.

I have a great sense of humor and sarcasm, but to mention that horrific day in the history of I.V. in such a callous manner is tasteless. It saddens me.