The Isla Vista Project Area Committee (PAC) and General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC) will meet tonight to discuss the proposed community center at Estero Park.

The meeting will be held in the Linda Vista Room of Francisco Torres at 6:30 p.m. The Isla Vista Recreation and Park District will present the plans for the community center to the PAC/GPAC and the public for questions and recommendations.

County planning and development spokesman Chris Townes said the PAC/GPAC will also appoint a subcommittee representative for the proposed car-sharing program and discuss funding for a parking enforcement officer in I.V.

The PAC/GPAC was developed by the Santa Barbara County Redevelopment Agency to provide input to the I.V. Master Plan. The master plan focuses on the redevelopment of I.V.’s housing, infrastructure, transportation and business.
– Kristina Ackermann