Editor, Daily Nexus,

I am not sure what Joey Tartakovsky’s article “Blue Traffic Lights: Israeli Struggle Inspires the U.S.” (Daily Nexus, Feb. 23) is suggesting. He gives several examples of atrocities occurring in the world, such as the wars in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Israel/Palestine and the Caucasus. Then he asks a simple question. He wonders why, with so many conflicts in the world, so much attention is given to the problems in Israel.

Why do so many people know the basics of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? I would certainly love to see world leaders and organizations give more attention to other problems, such as the growing AIDS epidemic and hunger problem. In my opinion, tackling the hunger problem should be the top priority in the world.

However, I hope Mr. Tartakovsky is not suggesting that the world ignore the problems in Israel and the occupied territories. Furthermore, I hope he is not trying to downplay Israel’s war crimes and human rights abuses against the Palestinian people. This is a conflict affecting the lives of millions. Mr. Tartakovsky seems puzzled that there are so many U.N. resolutions condemning Israel’s actions – 65, last time I checked. It is not puzzling to me. Perhaps he should visit the website of any major human rights organization in the world for clear examples. Just as I feel saddened when a suicide bomber attacks Israeli citizens, I am also saddened when the Israeli government shows such little regard for international law and human rights, for these are two essential ingredients for peace and prosperity in Israel and Palestine.