While Steve Pappas has not solicited donations or loaned any money to himself, several friends have contributed a total of $29,279.97 to his campaign for 3rd District supervisor.

As of Jan. 17, Pappas received seven individual donations and incurred $21,423.85 in expenses related to campaign consultants, print and radio advertisements, and office expenses.

“We’re not doing any fundraising or solicitations,” Pappas said. “We have received checks from individuals – mostly people who knew me before or have gotten to know me out in public.”

According to campaign records from the Santa Barbara County Elections Division, Pappas received his largest donation of $15,000 from Fredric Steck, owner of Rancho Latigo in the Santa Ynez Valley. Pappas also received $5,000 contributions from the Alamo Pintado Equine Clinic – a Santa Ynez horse hospital – and from Jan Crosby, wife of rock musician and Santa Ynez resident David Crosby.

Pappas said he has chosen not to pursue donations because he does not want to feel compromised by special interest. However, he does welcome checks that come to him “naturally.”

“It goes back to my nature,” Pappas said. “I’m not a politician; I’m not part of that machine. I’ve always felt that when you solicit donations and endorsements – I don’t want to be righteous about it – but you somewhat compromise yourself.”

So far, Pappas said he has not had a problem with the availability of cash for his campaign. He also signed a voluntary $90,000 campaign expenditure limit, which assumes a candidate will spend an average of $1 on his campaign per every resident of the 3rd District.

“I’ve been having meetings and giving interviews, doing things to get the word out that don’t cost a thing,” Pappas said.

While other candidates such as Brooks Firestone and John Buttny have received significantly more contributions and spent more money to influence voters, Pappas said he will get to voters one way or another.

“I’m just appealing to people’s sincere common sense,” Pappas said. “There’s a stigma that students are a block of votes. Now that I’m talking to them, it’s just not true. I don’t believe you can buy your way into office – I could be na