Editor, Daily Nexus,

In my four years living in Isla Vista, I have come to learn one unyielding fact. Whenever I have felt that I have lost my faith in the level of decent human dignity and kindness of those who live and work here, I have found that I could always reaffirm my faith in the human race by going to SOS Liquor.

Without fail, the Hong family which owns and operates the store has always treated its clients with the utmost kindness and respect. On Friday morning, Jin Mook Hong, fondly known as Jimmy to his regulars, passed away of a heart attack. As a community, Isla Vista has lost one of its own and his passing should be strongly felt.

As a patron of his store, I was always greeted by Jimmy with a smile and a warm welcome. Over the years I have been given a large collection of gifts and trinkets, ranging from key chains to neon signs, as a thank you for shopping at his store. Once, on a day when I had three midterms and went to SOS to purchase blue books, I was given a free Blow Pop for good luck. It is this type of kindness and extra effort that you do not often find in this town, and while I have great confidence that his wife and son will carry on the tradition, I must say that Jimmy will be missed.

He was the major exception to the curt and, at times, crazy store owners who populate I.V., demonstrated by the large number of people who will go out of their way to go to SOS instead of a closer store. So if you are in the area, stop in and lend them your condolences, and remember that I.V. has lost its nicest store owner and a good man.