As America moves toward a brighter future, discrimination continues to plague the way society interacts. A recent article posted in the Nexus titled “Rape or Race Coverage?” (Jan. 22) exemplifies this concept. Beginning as a commentary to a recent sexual battery case, the article quickly changed directions. The article targeted all non-black members of UCSB, accusing them of being unsympathetic of African-Americans’ emotions. According to the article, law enforcement officers and members of the media have formed a conspiracy to damage the African-American image by hyping crimes committed by African-Americans. The article makes a preposterous insinuation that the UC Police Dept. is involved in degrading an essential portion of university culture.

“As we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, we wonder if anything has changed.” Aside from the humor found in this statement, a common misconception can be found. Dr. King was an extraordinary gentleman who changed the world with his ambition. Since the tragic death of Dr. King, Civil Rights Acts have been enacted, affirmative action has been established throughout the country and many other programs have helped African-Americans gain an equal amount of respect in society. Those of you who agree with the common myth of modern segregation need to take another glimpse around.

In closing I would just like to remind everyone that this school was built around the basis of diversity. Reverse discrimination isn’t going to make any more peace within society; it’s just another form of hatred. Pointing a finger at the white community is nothing more than a scapegoat that shouldn’t be tolerated. Students should spend less time searching for discrimination that doesn’t exist and more time caring for one another.