Six cars were broken into and burglarized last weekend at two university-owned off-campus housing complexes.

The unknown burglar or burglars stole stereos, compact discs and other personal items from the vehicles, which were parked at Santa Ynez and West Campus apartments. The thief or thieves broke into the cars by either smashing the car windows or through unlocked car doors, a UC Police Dept. press release said. No suspects have been identified yet, but investigators said they do have some leads that they are following.

“We were successful in lifting some fingerprints, and they are going through the process of being compared [to fingerprints in a criminal database],” UCPD Assistant Chief of Police Bill Bean said.

To prevent loss of property, UCPD is encouraging people to lock their cars and not leave valuable property in vehicles unattended, even if the vehicles are locked. Bean also said people should mark their property in cars, such as CD’s, which makes it easier to identify stolen property.

Anyone with relevant information can contact UCPD at (805) 893-3446 or the Crime Stoppers Tip Line at 1-877-800-9100.